IMG_6782I’m currently a clinical fellow in a surgical sub-specialty program and pursuing a Master of Health Science (MHSc) degree in Bioethics. I live in the city with my husband and sassy four-year-old daughter. In my spare time, I enjoy drawing, running and exploring local wilderness trails with my family.

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  1. I just ran across your intro on the AMI website. I was a past member for 8 years and then my career path took a few jogs and now I’m back and plan to come to the meeting in Atlanta. Of course your presentation topic caught my attention. Not too many physicians can straddle the operating room and studio with success. I have the utmost respect for anyone attempting to do that. I cut my “illustration teeth” on Lovell and Winters Pediatric Orthopaedics and served under Ray Morrissy M.D. for 10 years before the aforementioned career jog. I look forward to following you on your blog!


  2. Hi Bernie,
    Thanks for following the blog and your kind words. I have the greatest respect for medical illustrators and the work that they do. Glad to hear that you’re going to the meeting in Atlanta. It sounds like you’ve had quite an interesting career (jogs and all!). I’d love to hear about it at the AMI, so feel free to come find me at the conference. I’ll look like a normal person without a surgical mask and scrub hat! 🙂
    Best regards,


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